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[CZH-7M]: Vehicle Mobile 7W FM stereo PLL broadcast transmitter
CZH-7M, Vehicle Mobile 7W FM stereo PLL broadcast transmitter with mobile magnet sucker base antenna, indoor or outdoor applications for your home, office, church and small community. $175
Package: CZH-7M transmitter, power adapter, audio cable, 50w pro. mobile magnet base antenna, car charge adapter

Features :

  • Production of high-quality aluminum alloy chassis, LCD display frequency, power, volume, size.
  • Japan ROHM motherboard for the next-generation integrated NC FM stereo radio transmitter chip, built-in PLL frequency PLL, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low pass filter circuit. Make sound more sweet.
  • Overall shielding good, compact structure, small size, appearance generous.
  • Vehical, mobil and home based FM stereo broadcasting
  • High quality 50w car mobile magnet base antenna
  • Come with AC power adapter for home office and car cigarette DC adapter for your mobil vehical.

* Phase Lock Loop (PLL) System
* Easily choose your frequency LCD and buttons
* Freq range :88MHz~108MHz
* Power :7w
* Ripple or harmonic waves: <= -60dB
* Tuning Step : 100khz
* Stability of Frequency: ±5ppm Less than 10ppm ( better system)
* Freq. Response:  -55dB(100~5000Hz); -45dB(5000 ~ 15000Hz )
* Audio Input Connector: 3.5mm headphone connector
* Microphone jack;it can be connected wih the microphone
* TNC Type antenna output
* Reduced harmonic ( clean signal )

@50w vehicle mobile magnetic sucker base:

* Frequency range :87-108MHz(center 99mhz)
* Omini vertical
* Car vehicle magnetic sucker base vertical antenna
* Gain: 3.0 dB
* VSWR: "1.5
* Input impedance: 50Ω
* Maximum Power: 50W
* Radiation oscillator Material: Stainless Steel




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